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Why choose an Ebike for exercise?

When it comes to electric bicycles, many people will be confused, since they want to exercise, why choose electric bicycles? Of course, riding a bike is definitely more beneficial to your health than riding an electric bike! However, if you compare electric bicycles with walking, cycling is more effective in training. This is a study recently published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and physical activity ((International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity)).

Electric bicycles are easier to use

According to Forbes magazine, author Jessica Bourne is a doctoral student at the Center for nutritional Biomedical Research at the University of Bristol. Her research found that e-bikes provide at least medium-intensity physical activity, which is less intense than cycling, but higher than simply walking. Especially for people who didn’t ride bicycles in the past, electric bicycles are an easy start and can improve the cardiopulmonary health of people who lack exercise.
Although riding an electric bike looks easy and can hardly sweat, in fact, it is more intense than walking. However, if the same person exercises at the same distance, the time and energy consumed by riding electric power will be lower than that of walking, and on the contrary, it will reduce the efficiency of exercise; in other words, in order to achieve the same exercise effect, you have to ride a longer distance.

Help maintain exercise habits

But in fact, for most people, electric bicycles are not bought to replace walking, but to replace other means of transportation; a Dutch study pointed out that people who use bicycles as a means of transportation, riding e-bikes have extended their riding distance by 50%, especially for people living in hilly terrain, e-bikes have also greatly increased their willingness to ride instead of walking.
The author also believes that there is more and more scientific evidence that the fitness effect of riding electric bicycles is in fact not much different from that of traditional bicycles. A study at the University of Basel in Switzerland found that after four weeks of riding, there was little difference in cardiopulmonary function between two groups of overweight people who were divided into two groups: traditional bicycles and electric bicycles. And the use of electric bicycles can help overweight people and the elderly to maintain exercise habits, which is not only good for improving body shape but also good for blood pressure, fat metabolism, and mental health.

The effect of exercise is no different from that of ordinary bicycles

The results are consistent with other studies, such as an article published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology by researchers at the University of Boulder, Colorado, that electric bicycles also allow users to exercise effectively. and its benefits are similar to those of ordinary cyclists. They measured the health of 20 sedentary office workers and asked them to commute to work by electric bike. a month later, the workers who took part in the test had a better aerobic capacity and better blood sugar control.
In 2017, a Norwegian study showed that users spent 95% of their time on electric bicycles, 8.5 times more active than at rest while riding traditional bicycles was 10.9 times higher, that is, riding traditional bicycles and electric bicycles, the degree of physical exercise will be different, but the difference is not significant.

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