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Health Benefits of Cycling

Bicycle is one of the best tools to overcome heart function problems. More than half of the world’s people die of heart disease. Cycling not only compresses blood flow through leg exercise and pulls notes back to the heart from the end of the blood vessels, but also strengthens the microvascular tissue, which is called collateral circulation. Strengthening your blood vessels can protect you from the threat of age and keep you young forever.
In addition, habitual cycling can enlarge your heart. Otherwise, the blood vessels are getting thinner and thinner and the heart is becoming more and more degenerate. in your old age, you will experience the troubles it brings, and then you will find how perfect cycling is.

Cycling is a sport that requires a lot of oxygen. there was once an elderly man who completed a bicycle trip of 460 kilometers in six days. “the elderly should exercise at least three times a week to strengthen the heart and restore normal function,” he said. You have to make your heartbeat violently, but not for too long. In this way, it will be able to adapt to emergencies, such as driving a bus or resisting difficulties.

Cycling can also prevent high blood pressure, which is sometimes more effective than drugs. It can also prevent weight gain, hardening of blood vessels, and make bones half strong. Bicycles make it unnecessary for you to use medicine to maintain your health, and it does no harm.
Bicycles are a tool for weight loss. According to statistics, people who weigh 75 kilograms can lose half a kilogram when riding at a speed of 9 and a half miles per hour and 73 miles per hour, but they must persevere every day.

 Cycling exercise can not only lose weight but also make your body more symmetrical and attractive. People who lose weight through exercise, or exercise while dieting, are in better shape and more attractive than those who first lose weight on a diet. I don’t know how to describe “more attractive”, but in fact, the strong muscles brought about by exercise and the tiny ankles trained by cycling are much better than haggard, veined diets.

Proper exercise can secrete a hormone that makes you cheerful and happy. From experience, we know that cycling can produce this hormone. In fact, by riding a bicycle to compress the blood vessels, the blood circulation is accelerated and the brain takes in more oxygen, so you breathe in the more fresh air. After riding for a while, you will feel clearer.

Riding this kind of two-wheeled bicycle on your own strength, you will feel very free and enjoyable. It is not only a kind of weight loss exercise, but also a pleasant exile.

Burn fat by bike

People who lose weight through exercise, or who exercise while dieting, are in better shape and more attractive than those who lose weight on a diet alone. In modern society, everyone participates in gym clubs, mountaineering, and jogging for health, but the elderly, obese people, and housewives cannot participate in sports because of their physical condition and time limit. But cycling can achieve the goal of exercise and weight loss, and no exhaust gas meets the environmental conditions. But sloppy cycling can not get the effect of health and weight loss. Purposeful riding can achieve the effect of health and weight loss.

Burning fat works best with a heart beat of 140 beats per minute. It is recommended to ride a bike when going shopping or asking friends who live nearby. If the destination is too close, it is best to go around one more time. If there is a slope nearby, it is best to stand up and pedal hard when going uphill. If there is no uphill nearby, place about three kilograms of items in the basket on the bike or use friction lights to increase friction on the tires. Use more strength to achieve the purpose of exercise. The thing to pay attention to is the number of your heart beats during the exercise. It is very simple to measure the heart beats, as long as you touch the inferior carotid artery with your left or right hand.

Riding this kind of two-wheeled bicycle which depends on your own physical strength, you will feel very free and enjoyable. It is not only a kind of weight loss exercise, but also a pleasant exile.

The advantage of bicycle exercise is that there is no time limit and no speed limit. Cycling can not only lose weight but also make the body symmetrical. Because cycling is a sport that requires a lot of oxygen, it can also strengthen heart function. At the same time, it can also prevent high blood pressure, which is sometimes more effective than drugs. Stepping on a bicycle to compress the blood vessels speeds up the blood circulation, the brain takes in more oxygen and inhales a lot of fresh air, which makes the brain feel clearer. When you ride a bike, you will feel very free and happy. It is no longer just a means of transportation, but also a way to please the soul.

Fitness function

(1) it can prevent brain aging and improve the agility of nervous system. The research results of modern sports medicine show that cycling is a lateral dominant exercise, and alternating pedaling of two legs can develop the brain function of the left and right side at the same time, and prevent premature senility and neglect.

(2) it can improve cardiopulmonary function, exercise lower limb muscle strength and enhance systemic endurance. Cycling has the same endurance training effect on internal organs as swimming and running. This exercise not only benefits 3 pairs of hip, knee and ankle joints and 26 pairs of muscles of lower extremities, but also makes the muscles of neck, back, arms, abdomen, waist, groin and buttocks. Joints and ligaments are also exercised accordingly.

(3) can lose weight. When cycling, due to periodic aerobic exercise, the exerciser consumes more calories and can get a significant weight loss effect.

(4) sexual function can be improved. Cycling for 4-5 kilometers a day can stimulate the secretion of estrogen or androgen, enhance sexual ability and contribute to the harmony of sexual life between husband and wife.

(5) it can prolong life and prolong life. According to the survey statistics of the relevant international committees, among all kinds of professionals in the world, postmen have the longest life, one of the reasons is that they often ride bicycles when delivering letters.

Seven benefits of cycling

1. Ride a bike for 4 miles a day (about 6. People with 4 km) are 50% less likely to develop coronary heart disease than those who do not ride a bike.
2. People who often ride bicycles are ten years younger than those who do not exercise.
3. Cycling for half an hour burns about 150 calories. It is obvious that commuting by bike is beneficial to weight loss.
4. Cycling regularly can improve lung function, especially when suffering from bronchial or asthma problems.
5. Cycling is a good aerobic exercise, and it does not overload the joints and muscles, and is good for arthritis, overweight or simple poor physical condition, etc.
6. Cycling will not make your body too tired, even if you are old, you can continue to ride. From this point of view, cycling should be taken as a hobby as soon as possible.
7. Regular exercise is beneficial to reduce the pressure of trust psychology and prevent depression.

Cycling can be carried out not only outdoors, but also indoors. When it is carried out indoors, it can only be carried out with the help of special fitness equipment such as fixed bicycles or power bicycles. Families who have the conditions can buy their cars back and place them on closed balconies and other places to carry out this fitness activity. You can also use old bicycles with double brackets that can make the rear wheels of the bike hanging in the air, which can be used after being fully fixed. Carrying out this exercise indoors can reduce cycling injuries caused by traffic congestion or uneven roads outdoors.

Exercise more and keep your health with you! When doing cycling exercise, you should pay attention to the correct cycling posture. First of all, it is necessary to adjust the height of the bicycle saddle and the handle, and so on. Adjusting the height of the saddle can avoid abrasions on the inner side of the thigh and perineum or tumor-like hyperplasia of subcutaneous tissue. Adjusting the handle can help you find good posture to avoid pain. When stepping on the foot, the position of the foot must be appropriate and the force should be even. if the position of the foot is improper and the distribution of strength is uneven, it will cause pain in the ankle and knee joints. In addition, the position of the handle should be changed frequently, pay attention to a certain rhythm, and fast riding and slow riding can be adopted.

Besides being able to exercise, there are eight other advantages of cycling

(1) simple. Cycling is a sport that doesn’t need to be prepared as deliberately as other sports. No time, no speed, no place, every non-motorized lane is an exercise place where you can play freely, you can ride alone, or you can travel together; you can carry a fishing pole, or you can go for a walk with a picture clipboard; you can stop by your friends, or you can test the speed at which you can complete the ten-kilometer race.
(2) Environmental protection. Now the air quality is getting worse and worse, one of the very important reasons is that a large number of car exhaust emissions, cycling has no exhaust at all, which can make some contribution to our blue sky project.
(3) Safety. If you have a collision with someone on a bike, it doesn’t matter. You can solve it with a smile and a few apologies, and people are generally absolutely fine. If you drive a car or motorcycle, it’s good. Not only do you have problems, but you don’t know how much money you need.
(4) save money. The money to buy a car, buy N bicycles. Come to think of it, if you go downstairs and buy breakfast and find that you have lost your bike, it’s all right. You bought one at noon. If it’s a car, I’m afraid you can’t do that.
(5) fuel saving. A human-powered driver, infinitely variable speed, no need to drink oil, in the face of skyrocketing oil prices this year, cyclists, steal it for fun.
(6) province and land. Bicycles can be parked anywhere, taking up only a little space, but they have to prepare a large parking lot for cars. Nowadays, it takes an inch of land.
(7) save the car storage fee. It costs only 50 cents for a bicycle, 1 yuan for a motorcycle, and 5 yuan for a car. For a long time, a lot of money, friends, do the math.
(8) No traffic jams. Traffic jam is traffic cancer in every city. On the bike lane, listening to the impatient horns of cars riding at full speed, it’s called a cool.

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